Social Signals Link-Building Advanced SEO Tactics Webinar

Social Signals Link-Building – SEO Advanced Tactics Webinar Replay

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I co-hosted this webinar with Tom Phillips (ThatSEOGuy). Tom is a friend of mine based in the United Kingdom. Over the past year, he’s been working heavily in SEO and has perfected a social-signals strategy that’s been getting him an impressive “viral” effect in Google ranking results.

Tom Phillips has been featured in a few other places, but in this webinar we did something a bit different. I grilled Tom on his specific process to ranking in Google search results. I made sure we featured real-life case-studies with ranking proof data. Finally we discussed the effectiveness of using social signals to rank in Google and why it’s works so well.

I’ve also been experimenting heavily with social signals this past year with mixed results. In this webinar I give away the specific strategy I’ve used to rank a big client in Chicago, but also why some popular strategies might get you in trouble.

Many social-signal building strategies are dangerous because they can get you black-listed by Google and banned from search results. This is why I stress building social-links the RIGHT WAY. I also explain why YOU SHOULD NEVER USE AUTOMATION TOOLS FOR SOCIAL SIGNALS and which current social-signal building products are likely to get you banned from search results.

So get ready to take notes because this is a value-packed webinar with real anecdotes from real websites I’ve ranked to position 1 in Google using these methods. If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you know I’m not big on wasting your time with fluff-content. I’m giving away info  wouldn’t share anywhere else.

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